What the Book of Mormon means to us!

The Book of Mormon was translated by a prophet of God.  Joseph Smith, a called prophet in these latter-days was called by God to translate ancient records to bring back the fullness of the Gospel.  Here is a challenge the Book of Mormon gives to the world. 

1. Write a history of an ancient people convering a period from 2200 B.C. to 400 A.D.
2. Include the history of two distinct, separate nations along with histories of different conntemporary nations or groups of people. 
3. Describe their religious, economic, social, and political cultures and institutions.
4. Weave into their history the story of Jesus Christ and the pattern of Christian religion.
5. Consider yourself 23 years of age and without formal school education.
6. Write this record on about 520 pages, with 500 words to each page.
7. You must never make any absurd, impossible or contradictory statements.
8. You must finish this record within 90 days and make no changes in the text.  The first edition must last forever.
9. You must proclaim that this narrative is not fiction but true sacred history.
10. You must invite the ablest scholars and experts to examine the text with care, to expose any flaws in it.
11. You must write this history of the basis of what you know now.
12. You must publish it in every nation to every kindred, tongue and people declaring it to be the word of God.
13. You must include within the record a marvelous and unique promise, a way to prove the truthfulness of the book. (Moroni 10:4)
14. This record must fulfill Bible prophecies, even to the exact manner in which it shall come forth.  To whom it shall be given and its purpose and accomplishments.
15. Your descriptions of the cultures of these peoples are not known when you bring forth the record.
16. Many of the facts, ideas and statements given as true in your record must be entirely inconsistent and in direct opposition to the prevailing beliefs of the world.
17. Thorough investigation, scientific evedience and archelolgical discoveries for the next 125 years must verify its claims and prove its truthfulness even to the minutest detail.
18.  After 125 years of extensive analysis, no claim or statement in the book is disproven, but all are vindicated.  All theories and ideas opposing its origin rise only to fall., leaving your own claim as the only possible or plausible one.
19. Internal and exterrnal evidences and prophecies must be confirmed and fulfilled in the next 125 years.
20. Fair, honest and credible witnesses must testfy to the whole world that an angel from heaven appeared to them and showed them the records.  That they handled the records and felt the engravings there on.
21. You must cause the voice of the Redeemer to call out from Heaven to declare to these men that the record is true and for them to declare its truthfulnesss and message to the world, and cause these witnesses to do it.
22. They must bear this testimony, not for personal gain, but at great personal sacrifice and throught persecution, even to death.
23. Thousands of great scholars and intellectuals must subscribe discipleship to this record and its movements even to the point of laying down their lives.
24. Many other thousands must bear testimony that it is true because they have put the promise (Moroni 10:4) to the test and recieved a testimony of its truthfulness.
25. After 20 years of revilement and persecution, you must then be ready to give your own life as a testimony that the record is divine and true, and that its message of truth is from God.

The Book of Mormon is an amazing book!  It can answer all the questions we have, especially those of the soul.  This book has brought many of God's truth to the world again through a very humble man named Joseph Smith.  Joseph Smith was able to translate it through the power of God.  This book was meant for each of us to read, ponder, and pray to better our relationship with our families and our loving Heavenly Father!

What has the Book of Mormon meant to you?  What are some simple truths you have recieved by studying the Book of Mormon?

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  1. Wow well put! The Book of Mormon is an incredible book, especially when you consider all of those details. Even just logically speaking, there's no way that it could be an invention of man.
    I like what you said about Joseph Smith too. You said he was a 'very humble man'. I think that's part of why Heavenly Father chose him to translate the Book of Mormon. Because he was humble, he received direction from our Father. The same goes for us--if we're humble enough to follow Heavenly Father's direction, we can receive lots of revelation to guide us.
    Thanks for that post!